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Movie Excellence Award-winning actress. Author. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist.

Sabrina Pound was born and raised in Rego Park, Queens, New York City. The oldest of four, Sabrina was an exceptionally beautiful and outgoing kitten whose acting talent first manifested itself when she played Juliet in her elementary school’s production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She spent her youth performing in various school plays and Community Theater. After graduating high school, Sabrina attended The London Shakespeare School of Drama where she studied under the tutelage of world-renowned actors, directors and producers. She graduated from the school with a BA (Hons) in Acting, having majored in the History of Drama. After a short stint in an uncredited role in a West End stage production, she returned home to the States and quickly began landing movie roles. Her first starring role was in the movie Pounce as crime fighting detective Lana LaPaw. She next went on to star in Camouflage as top secret agent, Agent Whiskers. Sabrina, with her costar, Australian actor Zeb Huffer, were so popular with audiences that a sequel, tentatively titled, Camouflage II: The Return of Agent Whiskers is now in the works.

Following Camouflage, Sabrina’s long-time dream of making an historical, epic film became a reality when she wrote, directed and starred as the heroine Sabrina Tanaka in Sayonara Sabrina. The movie, which also featured her brother Tiger as her on-screen brother Tiger Tanaka, was a hit with critics and a huge box office success. The movie won five Movie Excellence Awards (MEAs), including for Most Excellent Movie and Most Excellent Actress for Sabrina.

Sabrina also wrote a best-selling “personal empowerment” book based on the commencement address she delivered at a major university. She sings and dances, including in her perennially sold-out Las Vegas musical, The Pound Review. ¬†She also established her own charitable foundation and is very involved in philanthropic activities. And, she has shown herself to be an astute business feline and entrepreneur.

As Sabrina continues on her journey, her many fans may be left wondering, “What’s next for Sabrina Pound?” But they need not wonder. There will always be something new with Sabrina.


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